The Best Neighborhood Bar in Saint Louis
 Established in 2006, 
with the atmosphere of 
An American Bistro, 
close to home, 
with a terrific selection of wines, beers and libations. 
 A place to meet friends, have a bite to eat from an eclectic, ever changing menu, 
and always a great value. 
 Live music on Fridays and Saturdays.
 Happy Hour Tuesday through Saturday. 
 Wine School monthly 
 Great Special Events. 
 Located at the corner of 
Thurman and Shenandoah Aves 
The Historic Shaw Neighborhood.  

4069 Shenandoah Ave
St Louis, Mo.

Monday-Friday 4PM-1AM

Kitchen hours:
Friday & Saturday

Chili Cookoff Rules
[note the small print]

1. Either an individual or team may enter.
All entries must sign up in advance by 5PM, 
Wednesday January 14.
Entry fee is $5, 100% donated to the Salvation Army
You can sign up by:
phone: 314.772.8484
in person at The Grill

2. You must present at least 30 4oz portions. 

3. There will be 3 Categories
Best Meat Chili
Best Veggie Chili
Veg Chili must be completely vegetarian, no meat or meat stocks, need not be vegan
Best Overall Chili

4. Entries must be presented in a 1/2 hotel pan, [pick a free one up at The Grill starting on Jan. 9],with your or your teams name on it.

5. Entries must arrive at The Grill between 3 and 4PM.
Judging will be at 8 PM
Judges will be selected in advance, but, for security sake, announced day of.

6. Public tastings start at 9PM.
$5 admission, also 100% donated to the Salvation Army

The Grill will provide all bowls, spoons, crackers, chafers, cheese and onions.
Okay....get to it.